Duration – 4 Months | Region – Germany

After a two-year bidding process, the company gematik, which is responsible for the applications of the electronic health card, has allocated the development of the telematics infrastructure and the testing of the application of insurance master data management and of the qualified electronic signatures to two consortia. Within the scope of the development, decentralised (e.g. card terminal, primary system and connector) and central components (e.g. access service, intermediate) had to be developed and built. In addition, SHC supported one of the consortia.

Project Team SHC


Most important tasks of SHC in the project

  • Project management of the subprojects of card terminals and reporting to the whole project management team of the lot
  • Creation of test concept and test scenarios for card terminals
  • Supportive consulting during the creation of test concepts for other trades
  • Creation of test data (images for simulation cards and certificates) and development of a test data management for all trades
  • Support of the card terminal manufacturers in defining the specifications towards the project customer gematik
  • Supervising the test management of the card terminal manufacturers including the creation of test reports, risk analyses and regression histories
  • Coordination of intercomponent problem reports during the development of the firmware of the card terminal manufacturers
  • Assistance of the card terminal manufacturers and representation of the general contractor at the certification centre
  • Development and implementation of the card management for the device-specific ID card of the card terminal (gSMC-KT)
  • Development and implementation of the key management for the application for the personalisation of the card manufacturer of device-specific connector cards and card terminal cards.

Most important results

  • Try-out approval of the first card terminal by the gematik in October 2016
  • Implementation (in business) of the telematics infrastructure for testing, which was set up by the consortium in November 2016
  • Start of the telematics infrastructure testing phase in November 2016
  • Approval of a card terminal by both the BSI and the gematik in November 2017
  • Start of the nationwide rollout and the first successful launch of a medical practice in November 2017