A customer making wireless or contactless payment using smartwatch.

The development of contactless payments (an estimation)

There has been an establishment of contactless payment in Germany only recently within a very short period of time, which was not expected to happen in such a short time span. With this article, we want to describe the reasons for this development and give an outlook on how the situation could continue to develop.

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In 2013 within the development of a Business Unit Payment, an international telecommunication company won, with the support of SHC as a “lighthouse project”, the largest German gas station and rest stops operators. The aim of the gas station and rest stop operator was to enable cashless, contactless payment for the users of approx. 1.000 access machines and approx. 400 Self-Payment coffee dispensers at their gas stations and rest stops. To this end, the project partners jointly set up a contactless payment system, piloted it and rolled it out in the field.
Within the collaboration, additional value-added services were developed. As far as the project tasks are concerned, SHC took over the whole control and coordination of the major project.

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