SHC Group successfully completes the integration of Anselko GmbH

Anselko GmbH becomes SHC+SOLUTIONS

The SHC Group successfully completes the integration of the software development specialists Anselko GmbH on 13.01.2022. The Leipzig software development company Anselko GmbH, based in the exhibition center of Leipzig, will operate under the legal form of SHC+SOLUTIONS with immediate effect. The SHC Group is thus expanding its range of services and know-how for software development in the digital payment and digital health sectors.

Anselko GmbH was founded in 2018 and became part of the SHC Group in March 2021. Now it will be fully integrated into the SHC Group, headquartered in Augsburg, as SHC+SOLUTIONS. “The SHC Group and Anselko have already been growing together for years thanks to our successful cooperation. The change of name now makes this clearly visible to the outside world as well,” explains Robert Heinz, Managing Director and shareholder of SHC.

New expertise in the SHC Group

As a competent software company, the development of complex software applications and their operation for digital payment and digital health is part of the core business of the new SHC+SOLUTIONS. The team of the old Anselko GmbH was completely taken over into the SHC Group in order to retain and further develop all competences and the accumulated know-how. The team includes experts for digital payment and digital health solutions as well as for mobile, web and cloud applications.

The SHC Group as a full-service provider in the business areas of digital payment and digital health.

“For a long time, it has been the goal of the SHC Group to support its customers from strategy consulting to implementation and operation, and to provide all services and products from a single source,” emphasizes CEO Robert Heinz. “By integrating our own software development, we can increase efficiency and quality for our customers even more.”

As a leading international consultancy for digital payments with a focus on the acceptance business, SHC supports customers in the joint definition and implementation of sustainable and innovative solutions across the entire value chain. The Digital Payments business unit benefits from the extensive know-how of the new SHC+SOLUTIONS at the point of sale. With the experience gained from many customer projects, the new division contributes valuable experience in the management and development of a wide range of products such as payment apps and online platforms.

The SHC+CARE business unit covers the area of digital health. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, the SHC+CARE team offers first-class and competent advice on topics related to digitalization in the healthcare sector. In addition to comprehensive consulting, SHC+CARE is also authorized as a certified Trusted Service Provider (TSP) to offer the electronic institution card (SMC-B) and the electronic health professional card (eHBA) of the latest card generation 2.1. In this area, the support provided by our own software development department is a valuable asset, especially for our own SHC+CARE portal.


About the SHC Group

SHC Group is an independent and internationally active solution provider in the field of digital payments and digital health.

Founded in 2007 as a consulting company, SHC Group supports service providers, merchants, start-ups as well as banks and delivers innovation strategies, future-proof solutions and services along the digital payment value chain.

In the digital health sector, the SHC Group is not only one of the four nationwide issuers of health professional cards and institutional cards, but also developed and operates a card management system for the device-specific Security Module Card (gSMC-KT) for the Digital Health card terminal.

The SHC Group team currently consists of about 50 employees and an international network of independent consultants – with many years of industry experience in leading positions.


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