Terminal Card Management

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gSMC-KT Management

Project manager und contact person at SHC – Verena Gutmeyr

SHC has developed and now operates a card management system for the device-specific Security Module Card (abbr. gSMC-KT) for digital health card terminals to support both the issuing and the Life-Cycle processes at the card terminal manufacturers.

As a card issuer of the gSMC-KT, the card terminal manufacturer is responsible for their production and delivery. The necessary processes and the key management for the pre-personalization have to be newly implemented for digital health. This requires the setup of new knowhow and resources.

SHC provides both the knowhow and the resources. By operating the card management system KMS@SHC, SHC aims to illustrate the necessary processes, especially the pre-personalization via key management and the commissioning of the personalization by the card manufacturer.

The interface to the card issuer simply provides a card request using few necessary data. All other processes are automatically performed by SHC. This includes the shipping of the cards, as well as the distributor- and client-management afterwards. The card issuer will be informed about each step by email. Moreover, any other important information, such as status, expiration date, and the hash of the gSMC-KT Auth certificate can be extracted from the card management system.

SHC’s most important tasks in the project are:

– Definition of the processes and the use cases

– Interface description and analysis

– Definitions of the interfaces and negotiations with the personalizers

– Setup of the IT-processes

– Supervision of the card issuer/card terminal manufacturer

– Providing the card manager

– Operation of the card management KMS@SHC

The most important results are:

– Issuance of gSMC-KT as SaaS for two card issuers