Durations – 6 Months | Region – Germany

A major health care provider needed a solution for a consistent and secret but personal and readable voter number for one of its clients. On the basis of the existing product requirements document, SHC created the functional specifications document, which was then implemented together with a SHC partner company.

According to this, the voter number is cryptographically deduced from the numbers of approximately 6 million insured persons. After this, it was checked for uniqueness and finally prepared for postal voting.

Project Team SHC


Most important tasks of SHC in the project 

  • Creation of the functional specifications document and the corresponding software architecture
  • Creation of a prototype for the acceptance of the implementation guidelines
  • Creation of the right test concept and test cases that correspond to the requirements
  • Supervision of the implementation and tests

Most important results

  • Acceptance of the functional specifications document through the end customers
  • Implementation of the functional specifications document
  • Adoption of the software for the social election in April 2017