Augsburg-based consulting firm SHC brings a breath of fresh air and environmental protection to digital healthcare (and the telematics infrastructure)

Augsburg, the 23rd of July 2020.

SHC Stolle & Heinz Consultants GmbH & Co. KG is starting with the new SHC+CARE project as one of the only four providers approved in Germany to issue Electronic Health Professional Cards (HBA) and Electronic Security Module Card Type B (SMC-B) for the telematics infrastructure (TI).

The Electronic Health Professional Card (HBA = electronic identity card with qualified electronic signature) as well as the SMC-B for doctors, hospitals, psychotherapists and pharmacists are considered by the Federal Government as important components for the digitalization of the healthcare system and the use of the telematics infrastructure.

Among other things, the TI enables every health care professional to query data on a patient directly, easily, and securely to digitally create prescriptions or a medication plan or to view his/her insurance status.

The SHC+CARE portal is now online

SHC+CARE will start immediately as a new issuer of HBAs and SMC-Bs approved by the gematik. Last year in December SHC has received the approval from the gematik. Since then, all 76 doctor, dentist, psychotherapist and pharmacist associations are integrated step by step  into the company’s own online portal

The new cards can be ordered, activated, or blocked via the SHC+CARE portal. This process is carried out according to the highest possible security guidelines. SHC relies on its partner, Concat AG from Bensheim, which processes and hosts the data in a high-performance data centre in Germany using the latest encryption technology.

SHC+CARE offers its customers and interested parties personal support via telephone or e-mail from 08:00 to 17:00.

The company is also already working on additional features and functionalities, such as assistance in filling out the application for HBA and SMC-B and an offer for third-party medical apps. These are intended to further expand the range of services for healthcare professionals. “This gives us the opportunity to have a comprehensive portfolio, so that we can offer our customers everything in one place,” says Robert Heinz, the executive director of SHC.

With the approval of the first eHealth connector on the 22nd of July 2020, the next step on the road to digitalization has also been taken. Healthcare professionals can now use the additional functions of the TI.

SHC+CARE supports the environment: One card – one tree

For every card ordered, a contribution is made for the environmental protection. SHC+CARE, in cooperation with the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald from Hamburg, plants a tree in Germany for every card sold. Each buyer also receives a certificate as confirmation.

Further information can be found on the online portal

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