Duration – 7 Months | Region – Germany

In 2013 within the development of a Business Unit Payment, an international telecommunication company won, with the support of SHC as a “lighthouse project”, the largest German gas station and rest stops operators. The aim of the gas station and rest stop operator was to enable cashless, contactless payment for the users of approx. 1.000 access machines and approx. 400 Self-Payment coffee dispensers at their gas stations and rest stops. To this end, the project partners jointly set up a contactless payment system, piloted it and rolled it out in the field.

Within the collaboration, additional value-added services were developed. As far as the project tasks are concerned, SHC took over the whole control and coordination of the major project.

Project Team SHC


Most important tasks of SHC in the project

  • Total control of the CPM project in the following segments: payment, value-added services and issuing
  • Control of the sub-project managers
  • Technical support in the subprojects
  • Provision of PMO services Control of the external service providers
  • Technical and strategical consulting of the client regarding the achievement of the project goals
  • Identification of further sales opportunities Interface to the customers
  • Elaboration of an issuing concept for the issue of a Closed-Loop-Card
  • Support in the contract negotiations
  • Negotiation with credit card organization regarding sponsorship

The most important results

  • Successful development, certification and acceptance of a completely new payment software and terminal hardware in the NFC area
  • Successful piloting of the payment system
  • Successful piloting of a value-added service Use Cases Start of the rollout