Strategy Development Digitalization Ecosystem Acceptance

Duration – 7 Months | Region – Germany

A major international acquirer was faced with the challenge of responding to changing customer expectations and structural changes in payment transactions. To this end, a strategy with derived measures for the following objectives was to be developed:

  • Increase of dealer coverage
  • Increase in new customer acquisition and attractiveness for sales partners
  • Reputation improvement
  • Acceleration of the process speed and Strengthening of customer loyalty

Together with its client, SHC developed the strategy, created measures in the form of project profiles, calculated the business case and steered the implementation of the measures in a programme management through to successful piloting.

Project Team SHC


Most important tasks of SHC in the project

  • Development of a sustainable strategy
  • Derivation of suitable measures, preparation of project profiles for implementation and initial cost, revenue and implementation assessment
  • Setting up a program management with a direct reporting channel to management
  • Creation of a phase plan for the implementation of the individual projects
  • Conceptual design of the measures
  • Program control via PMO and responsible program manager until pilot (all goals were achieved in time and budget)
  • Expert advice and support for the implementation of individual projects
  • Transfer of the program to the line organization of our client

The most important results

  • Clear strategy elaboration to achieve the set goals
  • Description of concrete measures for strategy implementation Market studies and conceptual design of measures
  • Setting up the organization to implement the measures
  • Successful piloting of the measures set in phase 1 in time and budget
  • Smooth transfer of tasks to the line organization